Monday, February 1, 2010

im psd one comp crashed on me i managed to save it the other almost failed cause of them

Location: Other, tampa
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: the people who create the anti virus software CA

i installed ca plus internet suite onto my laptop and my desktop my laptop took the first problem it wouldnt boot up corrently for 5 hours i fixed that now to my desktop it constatly peaks up to 100% usage now glitches more and what not so doesnt my laptop the laptop was 5 x faster then the desktop now its worse and is slower i managed to get it off the laptop sense it is a newer model my deskotp may have to go under the sparks and go for a full sys restore cause of 1 frikn anti virus software lmao nice garunte up to 10k dollars of protection of ur ever hacked or identaty stolen but not worth th trouble even as a techy im struggling with this peace of crap software dont use it

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