Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chat Wit HP Customer Care Service

Location: Other, Phx
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: HP Customer Care Service

JJ is me and Trevor Is the HP customer Care REp

jj jj : Laptop crashed[An agent will be with you shortly.][You are now chatting with Trevor .]
jj jj : hi

Trevor : Welcome to HP Total Care for Notebook. My name is
Trevor and I will be your chat assistant for today. Please give me a few moments to review your issue description details.
NOTE: For security reasons, PLEASE DO NOT sends credit card information via chat.

jj jj : ok
jj jj : my laptop is not charging anymorejj jj : d
jj jj : Wat mus i do
jj jj : Are you there?

Trevor : Yes ,If I have understood the issue correctly,after turning on the notebook,all the lights on the keyboard are glowing,but there is no display on the screen.Am I correct ?

jj jj : no
jj jj : The laptop is not chargngjj jj : from the point of chargejj jj : there is no light comin therejj jj : and there is no life in the laptop

Trevor : The light on the port of the notebook is not glowing where the AC Adapter is connected,Am I right ?

jj jj : yes
jj jj : wat shud eb done?

Trevor : Do not worry. I will try my level best to resolve this issue by the end of this session.

jj jj : well i dont thnk u can
jj jj : its a hardware problem

Trevor : JJ,Please let me know whether you have tried with a different walljack ?
jj jj : yes we haveTrevor : Okay!
jj jj : Ya!

Trevor : Have you tried with different AC Adapter ?

jj jj : yes i have

Trevor : Your notebook is working fine with another AC Adapter.Am I right ?

jj jj : no, it is not working

jj jj : with any adaptor

Trevor : Okay!
Trevor : Do you feel that the port of the AC Adapter is loosed ?

jj jj : no its fine, but its not workin

.jj jj : ok

Trevor : JJ,I would request you to kindly confirm your Email Address

Trevor : Thank you for the confirmation.
Trevor : So if you are ready then I will initiate the troubleshooting steps, and I would first do the basic steps and do a quick power drain from the system, to ensure that the system hardware are running at its optimum capacity, if the system is infected with static then the hardware are stuck back if the hardware are not working to the optimum capacity, the software which are related these hardware will also have issues.

jj jj : well the laptop is not been working for more than 4 months now

Trevor : The process to do the static power drain is very simple.

jj jj : its kept on the shelf

jj jj : we have done that.

Trevor : Okay!
Trevor : Then in this issue,your notebook needs to be taken for service.

jj jj : Ya!!

jj jj : So wat to do next, Any idea? Wat are the chat rges?

Trevor : I have checked the warranty of your notebook.

jj jj : okay

Trevor : I am sorry to say that,your notebook is out of warranty.

jj jj : So how much is it to buy a extended warranty?

Trevor : Now your notebook needs to be taken for service.You will be charged $398 + applicable taxes.Within this cost all the shipping charge,service charge and labour charge will be included.A great news for you that you will get the 90 days free warranty within this cost.

jj jj : well wat am i gonna do with 90 day warranty
jj jj : wat wud the extended warranty cost

jj jj : I dont thnk the 90 day warranty is cost effective for 400 Plus

jj jj : i can get a new laptop

Trevor : Now your notebook is not eligible for the Extended warranty,as your notebook has already a hardware problem.

jj jj : well then i dont need it repaierd i can trash it

jj jj : Well the previous representative already told me that i m eligible, I just wanted to know the price

jj jj : i dont understand Y u representatives always have different opinions, and confuse us Customers

jj jj : Wat say now?

Trevor : If your notebook would have no hardware issue,then you can purchase the extended warranty.

jj jj : Anyways HP has given me enough of Trouble, Wud never ever suggest or my self buy any HP produc

tjj jj : Wat do u mean, I dont hv any Hardware problem. its a prob of urs

jj jj : u didnot call me and tel my warranty is over

jj jj : and I have to suffer now

Trevor : At first you will have to resolve this issue from your notebook and then you can purchase the extended warranty for your notebook.

jj jj : So hw much does the ext warranty come for another 500 probably u r literally making A big profit by fooling people, I will surely Complain on consumer portals about this

Trevor : JJ,I would like to provide you an example.

jj jj : Wat Ex you tell me the extended warranty cost, I shall hear ur examples later, I m no mood to hear all that.

Trevor : If a person is suffering from a severe disease,then he is not eligible for insurance.

jj jj : Thanks I dont need to hear ur Logic u tell wat i am asking i guess thts ur respinsib thn put ur logics tru

Trevor : I will surely help you with it

jj jj : Then Just stay on the TOpic Kindly

Trevor : What I meant was even if you purchase a extended warranty this particular repair will not be covered under that

jj jj : Then Wat wud be Covered?

Trevor : Since the notebook already has a hardware issue and if required repair, it would be a paid repaired

jj jj : Well wat does ur Warranty include Sir then Y u Asking Us to Get a Warranty

Trevor : The extended will cover hardware issue but that is when there is hardware issue being faced already on the notebook

Trevor : If the notebook was covered under warranty then it would be a free repair

jj jj : Well I dont Understand ur Logic. All the best for ur Ideas and logic!

Trevor : But once the notebook has a hardware you can go ahead and purchjase a warranty and get a free repair

Trevor : In that case you have to go for paid repair

jj jj : So ur Telling me I pay 400 and then pay 500 for extended waranty wh is lik 900 dollars

Trevor : I am sorry this is not any personal logic this is the policy

jj jj : do u thnk we are all fools sitting here pay 900 dollars for this crap HP I cud buy a gud laptop Better than HP

jj jj : Well, I shal look into it. Anyws Thanks for your Ideas!Not Very Good Customer Service~ Sorry Buddy !

Trevor : I am sorry that you felt that way
Trevor : We are not asking you to pay $900
Trevor : You only have to take care of the repair cost

jj jj : So then wat are thou requesting

Trevor : Had the notebook been in warranty it would have been free repair

jj jj : So after the repair wat gurantee its gonna b alive after the 90 days warranty I wud hv to buy Extended Warranty anyws

Trevor : I am sorry but technology is mercilesss

jj jj : Thanks!

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