Tuesday, August 31, 2010

7000 Optimum point from Shoppers' Drug Mart

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Shopper's Drug Mart

I had gone to Shopper's Drug Mart to purchase a book advertised in their flyer. The booked scanned the wrong price, and the inexperienced cashier told me they could not sell it to me because they did not know how to correct the price. I was told to come back the next day to purchase the book. When I returned the next day, I asked that I receive $10.00 off the price for the "Scanning code of practice". The cashier had to ask the manager who decided for some reason that I did not deserve it and said it quite loudly in front of several customers. I demanded to speak to the owner because of the treatment I was given, and after having me stand there for 20 minutes they informed me that the owner was gone.

I decided to get head office involved. They did contact the store, and upon my relentless calls, the owner did finally contact me, apologized for the way the manager treated me and gave me 7000 optimum point(not nearly enough as far as I was concerned).

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  1. I was returning something i had bought from them. They said that refund is for 30 days. I returned the product on the 23rd day and the lady was questioning me rudely why I'm returning it. She said that I should've returned it sooner and if it I was returning it then that I shouldn't have done it. Whereas I had only used the product twice and just never had the time to go back and return it. She was acting like she's the owner while she was just a cashier.