Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its Fun To Slide On Greasy Floors!

Location: British Columbia, Sooke
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: McDonalds Dirty Staff

While waiting in line at the Sooke, BC McDonalds I noticed the employees "sliding around" in the food preparation area. Then I noticed they were coming out into the "waiting line" area, tracking all the grease out of the kitchen. I started "sliding around" while waiting as well and couldn't believe they would not take the time to clean up this obvious safety hazard. When it came my time to order, I showed them the hazard and they said they didn't have time to clean it. At the same time he was saying this, one staff member fell onto her back while trying to manovre around the fry station. I immediately called the head office in Victoria (which I found in the white pages) and explained the situation to the lady. The fact that the grease was being tracked into the restaurant and right by the Kids play area as well could definately be a big liability to them. She was very happy I called. In a week, I received 5 coupons for Big Macs, 5 coupons for ice cream, 5 coupons for fries and 5 coupons for fountain drinks. But I wasn't satisfied with that really. I wanted to see if they actually cleaned the place up and that it didn't happen again. So with my free coupons I basically hung out in McDonalds to see what would happen. The next day I saw an older new person there, which turned out to be an area manager who was sent down to see the issues for themselves. The next day I saw all the staff really cleaning! I casually asked one "wow, you guys are cleaning..." and the staff member said "yeah, apparently someone complained and now we have to do this...." The next day I saw two older area managers holding a meeting with staff about cleanliness. Then finally the next day I actually saw a Workers Compensation Board worker and a Health and Safety guy from the government meeting with the area manager. So the situation was actually dealt with and hopefully the grease will stay in the food and not on the floor!


  1. Just... wow. I have a hard time believing any food business could be that messy. I may not live in BC, but you have my appreciation for addressing this.