Thursday, August 26, 2010

i will give you money on my time

Location: Saskatchewan, moose jaw
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: instadebit

instadebit is a company that is 3rd party payment or receiving of online gambling sites.their service is totally based on their time on when they feel up to it.their company webpage says 5 bus. days for withdrawal of funds.but whos 5 days are they talking about?theirs or mine.i still did not receive an answer to that question as of for 9 days for me.when companies do acts of this nature to the consumers why is there no one to protect us?all we can do is complain on these sites hoping that maybe someone will here and do something for us.if you read this let me make a suggestion.if you were to play online at any gambling bus.i would suggest that you first ask if a cashout option could be made thru western least with this company no bs.if the bus. that you are inquiring does not have that option i strongly suggest you leave or you will end up in the same boat as i am today. instadebit sucks big time they have no regard to their clients or bus. sense.all they care about is themselves.and why not no one is keeping them to their word or protecting us.

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