Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Of course...its got to be Future Shop....Should have known Better..

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Future Shop

Well, this is the story...sorry, its so long....
Initially, the whole thing started when I had brought my X-box in for repair on Dec. 15th. I was told that because it had been in for repair 3 times, this time it would be a replacement. I waited a few weeks and didn't hear back from them, which is unusual as as the longest I have waited for anything was a week and a half. So, I called them around the 6th of January. i did not get a response from them, as I got hung up on a few times, so I went to the store instead to find out. I was told that it was still at the depot. ok fine. A week later, still no response. I called again,(the11th) and was told that is was on its way back from the depot. A few days later I called again, (the 15th) and this time I was told that it was still at the depot being repaired. I told the lady I was talking to that I was told last week it was on its way back. All she could say was ''Well, I don't know" and hung up. It iwas now the 24th, and still I had no response from anyone.
So I finally emailed thier customer service, and the they got a hold of the store. 

The store manager emailed me this:
Hi there
I'm from downtown future shop I have tried to call, my name is Elaina we have received you x-box, there was no fault found on the x-box so we wouldn't be able to exchange the x-box. With our no lemon policy when we send it out for the 4th time they have to diagnose the x-box with a problem, and there has to be 3 other major hardware repairs. Your x-box is ready for you, you can come pick it up when you have a chance thank you.

No sorry for the wait of anything. To top it all off, its still was broken. I ended up buying a new one, because the warranty expired at the end of the month. my suspicion is they were going to wait all that time so they wouldnt have to replace it, and the warranty would expire.

Needless to say, I won't ever be dealing with them again.

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