Monday, August 29, 2011

Fake flower delivery or really unorganized customer service

Location: British Columbia, London
Industry: Other
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Tha story is happening with my case now. Two orders had been placed (the website offered quite nice pictures of flowers to be delivered). The first one had to be delivered 4 days ago for as special date. From the Arenaflovers there is no answer, neither by skype, nor by e-mail or phone. The other order is placed for 27 september. Could anybody suggest the way to get it back (payment was done through visa) of make them to deliver the order at least. And still there is small hope to hear something from the company...
(province is misspecified as I don't really got what province they are placed at)


  1. Mine was paid by PayPal, so I was lucky enough to get a case dispute.

    You could try email your order no. to, I was also able to get a discount for my next purchase (But I never did.)

  2. Perhaps try their FaceBook Page and Twitter.!/ArenaFlowers

  3. Dear Leonid, we are very sorry that this has been such a disappointing experience for you! It was a bank holiday weekend here and we have only returned to the office today. I have investigated the issue with our delivery service and we will of course be more than happy to rectify any existing issues. I have already written an email to you with a more detailed explanation and asking you how you would like to proceed. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that this will help to make up for your disappointment a little bit. I do understand how frustrating it must have been not to get a response immediately. Best regards, Stephanie (Arena Flowers)

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