Tuesday, August 23, 2011

assholes at mcdonalds

Location: Ontario, port elgin
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: employee

I eat Mcdoalds just about every day cause my kids love it, and i usally enjoy there breakfast. Today i went in cause i needed to use the rest room and they told me i wasnt a customer i had to buy something. What a joke they just lost business


  1. These people don't know you personally, or know that you eat at McDonalds everyday. I'm sure 70% of people in your city have purchased something from that McDonalds at one point or another. Does that mean the whole damn city should be able to use the washrooms there whenever they want? The employees of that restaurant have to clean those washrooms, and they don't want people who aren't paying to use them.

  2. I would have said, "how do you know I am not buying something AFTER I use the washroom?". As for the previous commenter, if you don't like the fast food corp culture, don't work there. Do you really think those pimply faced kids and immigrants clean? Don't make me laugh. Did you know Walmart and McD's are the 2 top scumbag employers in the world? It's because they are cheap, slimey and cut-throat so SHADDUP!

  3. you eat there every day? enough said.