Saturday, January 2, 2010

Inkubook - WARNING better take your business elsewhere!!!

Location: Other, Indianapolis
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Support person - very rude

Just wanted to warn people about this company, Inkubook (Indianapolis IN). If anyone has any problems using this service... good luck!!! Just BEWARE!!!

Spent hours working on a photobook that I never received. Contacted customer support via email multiple times to see what happened. I was told that it was "not their fault." After a month, I asked for them to reship the item or give me a refund and they refused. Their customer support person (I think it was only one person answering my emails -someone named "Craig Price") told me that it was "impossible" to reship the item.

They (he) kept trying to push another coupon on me so I would have to buy a new book. I was already charged $65 for the book I didn't have, plus spend $30 to make a new book? Do they think I can just throw away $65???? I was not very happy and this person answering the emails was rude and sarcastic. I could never get away with treating a customer like that, that is just unacceptable!

If I'm spending that much of my hard earned money I deserve better!

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  1. This person's book was delivered and refused according to the delivery service. It was then re-shipped and held by the post office and eventually picked up by the customer.