Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buntys' Sucks Big Time

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: delivery driver/telephone rep

My boyfriend and I were hanging out at our place with a few friends one night when we decided we were feeling hungry. Seeing how it was pretty late,we had a hard time finding a place that was open.Well, I decided to give Buntys' a try and ordered a couple of pizzas,they said it would be at my house within 45 mins. this was at 3:00 am. We waited until 5:30am and still nothing! we decided to call it a night. When I had called Buntys' later that morning to ask what the hell happened to the pizzas I ordered, the rude prick on the other end told me that the delivery driver tried to come to my house two times! even claiming that they kicked my door and there was still no answer! I have a trained watch dog who alerts me when someone even sets foot in my yard,let alone kick my door! all I wanted was an apology for their piss poor service, and to let them know no one came to my door with any pizza.All I got was a lousy, uncooperative attitude with the person on the other end insinuating I was liar and it was my fault.Tough luck. Well I told them that I'll never call you a**holes again and let anyone and everyone know about their horrible customer service.If you're ever coming to Winnipeg, never give Buntys' your buisness. They don't deserve it. I f***in hate those guys!!

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