Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Canadian Tire

Location: Ontario, Sudbury
Industry: Retail
Company: Canadian Tire

I had brought my car in to have my roaders and barrings looked and and possibly fixed, i had left for an hour then when i came back the mechanic told me it would cost me 950 to repair my car, i was shocked and i didnt understand, he told me i needed 4 new tire and a new rim on the left front side. I then asked him if he had looked at my roaders or barrings and he said no, he then said he could not look at other parts of my vehicule because he had already seen damaged parts that needed to be fixed i then asked to speak with the manager, the maneger was extrmely rude and told me i was a danger to everyone on the road and needed new tires, i did not dissagree with the man i just wanted my barrings and roaders looked at first, i was very dissatisfied with the service, i was then charged the 30 dollars for the mechanic looking at my car, even though i did not even get a brake expection or my raoders and barrings looked at.


  1. do you know how to spell

  2. if you knew how to spell or talk maybe they would not have treated you like that goofball