Saturday, February 16, 2008

Terrible service and rip offs!

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Transportation
Company: Telus

I've been a customer with Telus for over 6 yrs now. Just last November I decided to buy a Blackberry because it is essential for the industry I work in. Approx three days ago I discovered my charger wasn't working. I took the phone in to a Telus Service Center at Portage Place in Winnipeg. I was told the charger portal on the phone was damaged, they'd have to send the phone in for repairs. I was then called, approx an hour later and told that they in fact DID NOT send the phones to be repaired, but because there was "physical damage" on the phone, they'd take my phone and give me a REFURBISHED phone in return at the cost of $125!!!

When I asked the manager of the store who's policy this was, he told me RIM. When I called RIM, they told me it was in fact a TELUS policy. When I called the manager back to confront him for LYING to me, I found out that not only did I have to PAY $125 for a REFURBISHED phone, when my Blackberry was only a few months old, but when I got my "new phone", my warranty went from 1 year to 90 days! What a money grab! I will NEVER sign a contract with Telus again, I'm not even able to get my PDA repaired... What a scam.

The Future Is Friendly?? NOT WITH TELUS!

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