Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cell C - lies and deception

Location: Other, Gauteng
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Charlene Adams

I have been dealing with Cell C for over a month now and was recently told I was talking to the senior management in regards to resolving my query since 03072009, today I was informed that this is not true and Charlene in fact confirmed it for me.

How can a service provider take this long to firstly resolve a query? I was told to take my business elsewhere initially and now have had 'manager' after 'manager' call me to try rectify the issue yet get lied to or told to go away anyway.

I have tried now for the last time to get some clarification and will be taking this to the highest level possible within Cell C, media next and then I do not know where. All I can say is that I am close to taking Cell C's advise and going to another service provider, I am just worried about all the others out there that have been bamboozled and do not have the means to make their voice heard.

I have just received a sms too to say my upgrade has been processed when I have not agreed to anything, lets see how that works out. I was initially asked to select a phone for my upgrade and was then told to pay for it without informing me of costs in the beginning, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

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