Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Third times not the charm.

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Industry: Automotive
Annoyed By: Sumaru's Auto

Absolutely the worst shop I have ever been to. They screwed up something the first time they did my timing belt. You could hear the belt rubbing on the cover. Back it goes. The sound was gone for a while after the second shop visit then it slowly cam back. Third time in the shop discovered large hole rubbed through t belt cover by the belt, and tensioner bolt snapped. "Not our fault" they said as they tried to charge me for the repair. After taking truck home and giving it a good once over I have now discovered 3 missing bolts,cover not fixed and no gasket installed and a few things hanging that should bolt down somewhere. I will take it back today and see what BS comes next. Avoid like h1n1.

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  1. They did a timing belt for me and the belt was loud when I picked up the car. Returned the car and I was informed that the tensioner that they replaced was defective, charged me for a new tensioner. The car never ran properly afterwards, took the car to Nissan and found out afterwards that they had broken connector for the water temperature sender and was not making a proper connection, the timing was out and the bots for the adjuster were loose and some vacuum hoses were not connected. Car runs fine now. I wouldn't let Reg Sumaru service my daughters tricycle!

    Ted Rathbone