Monday, June 28, 2010


Location: Other, West Palm Beach
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Marcus

It was like someone who just learned from HOME DEPOT.

After alot of money and me having to call him to come back out a few times, I thought everything was ok, then after 5 months I notice the ceiling in the kitchen strating to change color.

Which was right below the bathroom where the work was done, so it turns out there was a leak the entire time.

How much damage was done? Is there mold now? Are the floors where the tile was laid messed up (when you walk you can hear the grout all cracking because the water has messed it up)

Is the wood where the tile lays rotted?

Any ways he never returned my call then about 5 months later I saw him driving and followed him home, and of course he gave my the nice guy thing.

Yeah, I'll come fix it, and then kept calling him and he would give me the run around......

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