Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bank of Montreal is a cheat

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: Bank Of Montreal

Hi -
I have been with BMO for past 2 years & off late i visited the branch at sheppard & kennedy , Toronto ON to deposit my USD money order. I wanted Bank statement from them saying have so & so CAD in my account for my Immigration. At first the teller advised to open USD account as it goods for exchange rate & guided me to talk to the manager. The manager was some dumb stupid female. She told me it will take 30 days for
clearance. The i asked them will it be possible to gimme the statement the same day or with in the week even though the the MO takes 30days to clear. At first she told she can give the statement immediately & then opened the USD account. Once the formalities of opening the account was complete , she changed her tune saying that we have to wait for 30 days. I was taken aback by her change of attitude in less than 15 minutes. And also she mentioned there will be collection charges the the MO. I said fine, but asked her how much will be the collection charges. She said she is not sure. Again i was surprised how a bank employee worth its name dont' know the collection charges for the MO !!! I asked her how can she not know & confronted her she promised me the statement before opening the account & changed her line once done. She said she will get back to me after talking to her manager. After sometime she came back saying she cant give the statement very soon & has to wait for 30 days. I had enought of it & said want my MO back & close my USD account. I am thinking of switching to TD on monday. These guys has no ethics or standards..BMO SUCKS!!!

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  1. "the manager was some dumb stupid female"...hmmm, I'm sure glad I didn't have to deal with a sexist prick like you.