Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Customer Service is Horrible

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Not Sure

I had an issue with the softmoc store located in the eaton center with the assistant manager over a return on June 6. he gave me a long distance number to call customer service and not the toll free line I later found out they had. I was hoping not to spend my sunday doing all this running around however I was treated so poorly over a return. My purse was stollen and I did not have the receipt so when I went into the store he said he could not process my return as I had no receipt. It was there softmoc brand I was exchanging so he knew I did not purchase this anywhere else. But he still would not do it. He did not offer to help me at all so I asked him for a customer service number and he gave me 1-905-665-8119 obviously long distance from toronto. I asked him if there was a toll free number and I was told no. So I went home and called the number I was given not even knowing if they were open. However they do offer some customer service on a Sunday, but still offer no real help. The lady I spoke to (unsure of name) was very nice and after she listened to me vent offered to call me back so I was not paying long distance charges longer than I needed to. She promptly called me back and listened to me. Then explained that she couldn't help me as she was just a rep and not a manager, but offered to take down all my information and to pass it along to her manager for monday. she asked me all kinds of questions as she explained her manager would need this to be able to find my purchase in the system. Very put off that I had to wait till monday. Why have customer service open on the weekends if they cannot help customers right there, what a waste of time. why could this nice rep not be able to assist me right there. When I first called in I was very angry as why should the customer have to do all the runing around and have to wait. but in the long run the lady I spoke to was very nice, calm and had me laughing by the time I was done. I will no longer shop of softmoc as this was just to much there policies are ok compaired to others however the service of the stores are horrible. I did end up getting an exchange as the lady took my phone number and was able to contact another store and they took the time to look it up and was able to find the purhase. So all in all I am happy but will never deal with them again and will not recommend them.

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  1. You advertise that you price match. Other companies do the price match on the spot. With Softmoc it is a different story all together.
    I bought three pairs of shoes from Softmoc in Eaton Centre. I went to Softmoc in Yorkdale to exchange two of these pairs for exactly the same shoe, same size, same brand, same model. I only wanted brown instead of black. The woman in charge told me that I will have to return the two black pairs and buy the two brown pairs for more money. I tried to explain to her that it does not make sense to ask me for more money. Any other store would have exchanged the same shoe for a different color without asking for more money. She refused to exchange the shoes. So I told her that I am returning the shoes and that I want my money back. She said "no problem". After a few minutes she handed to me a gift card. I tried to explain to her that I paid in cash and that I would like my cash back especially that I have no intention of ever coming back to this store. She went inside to make a phone call and after a few minutes three security men came to escort me out of the store. But this is only the beginning of the wonderful service that Softmoc gives to its customers.

    I went outside and I called the number of Softmoc head office and I asked to speak to a manager. First, as soon as they pick up the phone they ask you for your name and phone number. Second, when you ask to speak to a supervisor, they ask you for your name and the reason that you want to speak to a supervisor. Saying that you are a customer who has been treated badly by one of their stores is not sufficient. So I gave him my name and told him about what happened. He said that I should hold down until he gets one of the managers. After ten minutes he comes back to the phone saying that "the supervisor is on a break". I tried to correct him saying that apparently ALL the supervisors are out on break. He did not respond. It was obvious to me that he was being dishonest.

    I called them again and ask to speak to a supervisor in order to ask for a price match. If you are lucky enough to never have bought anything from this store then let me tell you how the price match works at Softmoc. You can't simply walk into a sore and show them the web page of another company who is selling the same shoe for a lower price. First, you have to write to their head office and wait for a response from them within 48 hours. Now, let's say that this does not discourage you to ask for a price match then here comes the next step. The next step is that you get a negative response. They never price match. On what grounds they give you a negative response? Following is my ordeal with them that has been going on and on.

    I wrote to Softmoc indicating that I was asking for price match for Keen sandals for men. The model name is Newport H2 and the color is Navy/Med Grey. I sent them the link of
    The price of this shoe by is $110 but they had a 25% discount on July 10, 2016. I also sent them a screen copy of the 25% discount and asked them to do the 110% price match that they advertise. Fat chance. They gave me a negative response.

    Here is what they do: Softmoc website shows the shoes but they give each shoe model a different name that they make up. For example, They call the Keen sandals that I want "Navy sport sandal" instead of "Navy/Med Grey". Then they make the color of the picture different. In this case it is still blue but lighter. Then they tell you that they can not price match claiming that it is a different shoe. I called one of Softmoc stores 1001938. They gave me the model number. It is the same model number that I got from 1001938. Besides if you google:
    "Keen Newport H2 Navy sport sandal" you will see that it does not exist except in Softmoc website.
    Shame on you Softmoc for being such a dishonest company.
    All I want is my money back.