Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Portuguese people steal cars!!!!

Location: Other, London
Industry: Utilities
Annoyed By: Europcar at Heathrow Airport

I'm a Portuguese that wanted to rent a Mercedes CLS for one day to go with my wife to a hotel for dinner and after to London by night because it was our anniversary. I made a reservation online a few hours before and then at the prescribed time (17:00) I went to Europcar at Heathrow airport to get the vehicle. Now the story begins... At the begining everything looked fine, but after several "I'm sorries" and "just wait a moment", I was watching the car keys for more than a hour on top of the desk and I asked what was the problem. Then came the manager (Miss or Mrs Julie Collins) and said right in my face that Europcar had severall problems with portuguese people that rented cars for one day and then stealed them... Well, I went berserk, my family that lives and works in London for the last 22 years went berserk also, we told that this was discrimination and that we cannot be blamed for the problems that others may have given to their company. Also my sister told that on the news there were stories about this envolving people from a diferent country, also started by "P", which I will not mention here. After this they refused to receive my credit card, my niece had to pay the 250£ of reservation with her credit card, she had to be the first driver and I was the second driver of the car. Then they wanted to see my flight ticket to be shure that I had a return flight to Portugal, as if I wouldn't steal the car if I had to loose the plane...After two hours of awating for them to solve this problem (I was with my son that is 4 years old and was fed up with all this waiting...) they gave me the car, unwashed (which goes against Europcar procedures) but at least they prolonged the renting for more 1,5 hours... ;). Then, I didn't stole the car, I returned it the day after with a scratched alloy and payed an extra 35 £ (because I am honest!!!) for the repair.

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