Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad press on a company will always work

Location: Other, California
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: TW Cable

So I got a new TV. I then cable in HD so i called TW Cable. they installed an HD box but it had a High Pitched squel every 2 mins. I called them up and complained they then cam back out and replaced the Box a month later. After the box was replace and the tec told me it was a faulty bach of boxes and i should have never got the first box at all I noticed the speakers had damage. I Paid $500 for my TV. I called them back and told them they damaged my TV they then sent another tec out to look at my TV and made a report saying he heard the damaged speakers. after many calls back and forth to get my TV replaced and it not going anywhere I finally told them I had no Problem calling my reporter friends at FOX11 in Los Angeles about the broken boxes being installed on perpuse. soon after i recived a check for the amount paid for my new TV to replace it. the whole $500 to buy a new TV. the power of the media can be more powerful then a lawyer anyday. Bad press on a company will always work.

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  1. You can't even spell. The company would have probably responded that way regardless of your empty threats of your "friend at the LA News"

    You moron. Get an education.