Monday, June 17, 2013

Terrible care and unprofessional nurses.

Location: Ontario, Etobicoke
Industry: Health
Annoyed By: nurses at Etobicoke General Hospital

My father was hospitalized just before Christmas 2012 after getting sick returning from a trip to Europe. He was taken off the flight directly to Etobicoke General Hospital.

Once he was finally admitted to the Emergency Department, they weren't sure if what if he had was contagious so they said anyone who was near him had to wear a mask. This was reasonable but to my dismay nurses who were treating my father weren't wearing masks, gloves or anything. Many of them claimed " They never got sick". I found this terrible as it is a serious breach of health policy.

He was also put in a very busy section of emergency where he could not get a wink of sleep as a nursing station was at the edge of his bed and it was very loud there. The nursing station was so close to his bed that one time they were trying to sort out who got what oranges for some kind of fundraiser and there were crates and crates of oranges stacked around him and they were busy talking loudly about these oranges. This was at night when he was trying to sleep. Unbelievable.

My dad had bacterial pneumonia (we were eventually told) and he was eventually put in a room by himself to sequester him. He received even worse care here. He needed ice as he had a fever on and off and when we asked a nurse if we could have some ice, she told me where the ice machine was. Meanwhile she's sitting there online shopping (I can see this on the screen). When I came back from getting ice, 3 nurse had their feet up on the desk complaining about how hard and crappy their jobs were. How unprofessional and pathetic.

They had all these signs up saying " know your treatment plan etc" but my dad knew nothing about his treatment plan or what in the hell was going on at any given time. When he was released someone called to ask how his stay was, he told them the truth (basically what I said) and they said they would send him a paper survey. They have not and it's now February, probably because they didn't like what he had to say.

In my opinion, this hospital is sub-par especially for Canada. Their staff were rude, unhelpful and unprofessional. I did not appreciate their attitudes especially since my Dad was very close to death. I'm not sure these people deserve their jobs, and this hospital needs serious improvements. Avoid this hospital like the plague!

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