Monday, June 17, 2013

AAA gets an FFF for customer service

Location: Other, Sarasota
Industry: Transportation
Annoyed By: AAA membership services

I had purchased a 1-year AAA membership in 2012, I did it online and unbeknownst to me in the "small print" included verbiage that the account would be "auto-renewed" after 1 year. Well, 1 year later they "auto-renew" my account by sending an electronic payment through my checking account using the debit card number I provided them 1 year ago. Not expecting this charge and being between deposits, I did not have enough for this payment in my account thus creating an overdraft fee and resulting in a negative balance because my bank paid the payment instead of denying it. So AAA go their money and I am not short an extra amount because of the overdraft fee. I called AAA to complain and get my money back. They agreed to refund the membership fee but not the overdraft fee because it wasn't their fault I didn't have the money in my account. After explaining to them that it is their fault I was charged the overdraft fee because I was not aware the charge was going to be made, the "Supervisor" tells me I can't possibly hold their company responsible for my financial failures. That it is my fault because I "knew" about the auto renewal since I agreed to it by continuing with the purchase online a year ago, plus he says they sent me a notice in the mail as a courtesy. I never received the notice, I only received the annoying junk mail they send offering me life insurance at a reduced rate. I told him this and he had the gall to say "well we can't control what you receive and what you don't receive". I said, "neither can I and I am the customer! That should make a difference to you, but obviously your only concern as a supervisor of customer service is arguing with the customer and making them madder at the company you work for!'