Monday, June 17, 2013 = Bad Customer Service

Location: Other, Bloomington, IL (US)
Industry: Retail
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I just wanted to get a gift certificate from an online nursery for my wife who is a gardener. Since my wife gets flower catalogs in the mail, I went to a few catalog's websites and found has gift certificates available (supposedly).

I ordered the gift certificate on March 30. The web page did not indicate how long it would take to receive this item however I assumed a week to 10 days or even immediately if they emailed it like most online stores do. After 10 days and not having received the certificate (no email, no snail mail), I called their customer service and was then told gift certificates take 2 weeks and to call again if I hadn't received it after that.

I called customer server again on April 15 and was told after holding for 4 minutes that the gift certificate had been sent on Thursday April 11 so it should arrive any time now.
OK. Today is Friday April 19; no gift certificate. I called once again and informed the customer service person of the issue. Again I was put on hold for 5 minutes. This time I was told that my credit card was not approved the first time, but a subsequent try it worked and that the gift certificate was sent on April 16 (a new story). I requested a refund but was told I could not get a refund because the certificate had been sent out. It turns out now that my account was charged twice; once on 4/10 and again on 4/17. My wife's birthday is long since passed and I have no certificate to give her and have been charged twice the full amount.

I've issued a dispute on the 2nd charge with my bank. However, according to customer service, I have to wait to get the gift certificate and then send it back to them before they will issue a refund!?!

*Very* poor customer service. They are incompetent. Don't bother dealing with these people.

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