Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Extended Warranty

Location: Ontario, Kingston
Industry: Retail
Company: Staples the Business Depot

The extended warranties at Staples are worthless. I purchased an Acer laptop there about a year and a half ago (buying an Acer was my first mistake). Within the year, the screen went. It was sent back to the manufacturer and repaired. Three months ago, while it was on the extended warranty, the screen went again. I was told by the Staples Warranty department that they would need my computer for at least two weeks. I told them that I used my computer in my business and could not do without it for that length of time. They offered no help. They would not provide me with a loaner and the manager was curt.

I ordered a Dell laptop. Once it was received and set up, I took my Acer to Staples. After a week, they called to inform me that it would cost more to repair than the current market value of the machine. They offered me $554 in store credits and they will keep the computer. As all I need is a monitor, I turned them down and they sent the Acer back. Again, the staff were unfriendly. Think about it though. I paid $169 for something that would provide me with $554 in store credits just over a year later. Good deal for Staples.

An important note that Staples never mentions that the warranty is refundable. If you take it in, they will give you the pro-rated amount. I rummaged through all of my old bills and found three warranties which I took back. The clerk had never heard of this before and called over the manager who was as unknowledgeable and, again, unfriendly. I explained why I was there and showed him the paragraph that gave me the right to a refund. He said he did not know about this and said I would need to call the warranty department and find out what I was to do. You call them, I said. It is plainly written on the warranty that I am to take it back to the store where I purchased it and claim the refund. He looked them over and, at first, said he was not going to pay one because it was from two years ago. I pointed out that the Staples warranty I purchased was for two years after the end of the manufacturer's one year warranty.

He eventually went off to phone and came back to refund me most of the remaining amounts. However, on at least one, I had negotiated a deal as the item was slightly damaged. He insisted that he deduct that from what I was owed.

Terrible product, terrible service.


  1. They should refund you the full amount. If they don't, just tell them you will take them to small claims court and settle it there. It's funny, as they will only take you seriously if you threaten them legally.

  2. You're depressing me...I just bought an Acer (really cheap too, $350) but not from Staples...Walmart.

  3. Wow. $350 is an awesome price! I got mine for $900, but that was about 5 years ago.

    The battery life sucks. It lasts less than an hour.