Thursday, September 6, 2007

Unethical ISP providers

Location: Alberta, Red Deer
Industry: Telecom
After having a number of problems with Shaw Cable systems' internet service, I decided to switch to Telus. After finally blowing my top with some moron who kept insisting that I sign a long term contract they finally gave up and agreed to a simple month-by-month plan. (I never sign long term contracts and thank God I didn't this time.) The service was hooked up and I installed the start-up disk that came with the modem. The disk wouldn't open so I called Telus and was informed that the service had not been activated.
I was assured it would be activated the next day. On the following day I tried again...same result. This time the answer was that "it should work and maybe I should open it through 'My Computer'. The fact that I had tried that didn't matter. "Try it again" Same result. Third day when I called, I was told they would look into it and maybe send me a new disk, but they would get back to me. No call. Fourth day...same result. Call again. This time someone finally told me that the Telus system was not yet fully compatible with Vista but they would lead me through the setup by phone. O.K. Got it set up and running until I used the Telus mail system. At this point I get a message saying I had to reload all my e-mail addresses into their system because it wouldn't work with Windows Contacts. This is a big no-no. It's bad enough that Dell and Microsoft have all these addresses (that's two too many) but to give it to these ad-happy clowns would mean all my contacts with get flooded with advertising hammering them to sign up for one of Telus' crappy services. I said I wouldn't do that and was told that I couldn't use my e-mail in that case. Since I had to send a bunch of photos, I put that single address into their contacts file and sent them off. The file was too large for the reciving ISP and I got a message to that affect. I cut down the number of photos and tried to send them. Lo and behold, the original file also tried to go out with the new one. I figured "stupid me, I didn't delete the old file in the Outbox" Hold on! What Outbox? The Telus system had no Outbox. I then checked my Windows Mail and guess what...there was the old file along with two new messages. It seems the Telus system uses Windows Outbox and, sometime, but not always, Windows Inbox. It was to be a guessing game as to where incoming or returned e-mail was placed. This is supposed to be a high tech company? No wonder they give away a computer if you sign a long term contract. This is so you will have something to throw out the window when you realize you are stuck with a non-functioning service. And to top it off, these idiots keep sending bills that have the internet service charges still applied. When you contact them they tell you that their billings are all screwed up, but to just pay the bill and they will make adjustments. Riiiiight...and five pound robins aren't fat. My advice...whenever any tech firm, whether cell phone provider, internet provider, cable provider, etc. mentions a long term contract, get on your horse and get out of Dodge.
Powell Lucas

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