Thursday, September 6, 2007

We Got What We Wanted

Location: Alberta, Red Deer
Industry: Other

Well folks, we got what the various consumer associations wanted ... cheap, cheap prices. Of course that's mainly for imported junk which, as recent evidence has shown is dangerous to our health and that of our children. This should really help our health care costs as we try to keep up with all the antidotes required for the poison we're buying. But the junk is cheap. And, to go along with that we have these big retailers who pay their employees sub standard wages with no benefits. But that keeps costs down and the products are cheap. The fact that once upon a time a person could work in retail and afford a home and automobile has gone by the wayside. Now you get kids working in these places with no knowledge of the products or their uses and a 'get stuffed attitude'.
For the wages they get why should they care. But the products are cheap. Besides, who cares if these people can't afford even an apartment, let alone a home...our taxes will continue to go up to pay for subsidized housing. But the products are still cheap. So what if you spend more than the price of the product in gasoline as you return items over and over again. They're cheap. Airlines now fly with people jammed in like cattle. Luggage arrival is a crap shoot. Cancelled or delayed flights are the norm. Maintenance is cut to the bone and the skies are becoming deadly because we don't pay for qualified security people or sufficient air traffic control. But the flights are cheap. Just think, in a short time we will have reduced wages to the level of those in the countries where most of these products are made. Of course the cost of accomodations does not come down to match those countries. No, it stays at the good old North American level. Does anyone notice a little incongruity in this scenario? When wages get down to 10 cents an hour and a bachelor suite reaches $5,000 a month we won't care. Products will still be cheap. To all you wonderful consumer advocates out proud, you've attained your goal. Prices are cheap...but I'm afraid the final cost will be very high!

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