Thursday, September 6, 2007

RE: Best Buy Store

Location: Alberta, Red Deer
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Yeah, they're all the same. About six months ago I decided to try an iMac since I was fed up trying run Windows XP. Went into Best Buy with a few questions. After trying 3 or 4 teeny boppers I finally found a kid who told me the truth. There was one guy in the store who knew about iMacs, but he was off for two days. He would gladly check the schedule to let me know when this person was available. You would think I was setting up an appointment with a doctor or a bank teller. So long Best Buy! I haven't been back, nor will I. And if anyone thinks I'm kidding...ever since PBS ran the story on how Sears coluded with Sony to undermine the North American television manufacturing sector I have never set foot in one of their stores. That was 20 years ago and I used to buy there all the time.
Powell Lucas


  1. Do you always need a sales person to feed you the lines and hold your hand to make a purchase? Do your own research. Half of the stuff they tell you is BS just to sell the product.

  2. Give the sales people some credit. I worked at Best Buy for over a year and it was a horrible job. They put an excessive amount of pressure on their sales people. Essentially, you either produce or you don't get any hours.

    The 'teeny boppers' you lament against could have done their 'jobs' and fed you the company line on Apple computers. "Apple computers are, by far, the best machines available for the money. They are far easier to use, more user friendly and almost completely immune to any viruses or spyware." Judging by how little you appear to know about technology, you would have taken that as gospel and bought the product.

    Or, they could have told you the truth. They didn't know enough about the machines to provide good service. So, they decided to direct you to someone who could help you.

    Frankly, you should be sending those 'teeny boppers' a compliment, not a complaint.

    Here is a simple moral. Never ever ever trust what a salesperson tells you, unless that is negative. Sales people are under incredible amounts of pressure to move products. They don't care about you. Use the internet, conduct your own research, and be patient when someone tells you that he/she can not help you. In doing so, they are doing you a huge favour.

  3. fucking idiot u knew they were teeny bopers so wtf did you expect? if they knew everything they would be working @ apple not bestbuy.. do some research before u buy retard.