Thursday, September 6, 2007


Location: New Brunswick, Hampton
Industry: Restaurant
Company: Tim Hortons

We went to the drive through and placed our order we told her 3 times that there was 2 orders, as we get to the window she tells us the total and I repeated that there was 2 orders so only had 1 total . With out looking at her I said thats a Blonde Moment . When I looked up at the attendent low andbehold she was a Blonde


  1. Was she rude about it? Did she try to give you good service but only had trouble due to miscommunication/misunderstanding.

    Working with people talking in your ear by shouting into a box while also making orders at the same time would probably get frustrating and I wouldn't trust those PA systems.

  2. You committed a human rights violation, discriminated against her for the colour of her hair and then have the audacity to complain about the service YOU received?

  3. know so what if it was a mistake. im sorry but please dont blame a certain f**king hair colour for a mistake. maybe some kind of miscommunication was brought upon.

    so please, complain about the employee and not the hair f**king colour.

    by the way.. try working at a timmies please.

  4. Maybe you should learn to go into the f**king resturant to order 2 orders. Drive thoughs are for fast service, and I f**king hate getting caught behing people like you. Thank god for no Drive Thru's Downtown TO.