Thursday, September 6, 2007

Movie/Music Downloading Services

Location: Alberta, Red Deer
Industry: Technology

To anyone who is looking for a movie or music downloading service: If you come across this outfit, pretend you didn't see it. This site is as dangerous as the porn downloading sites. You can find them easily if you just type movie downloads into your search engine.
They are most likely at the top of the page with a with a link to and a blurb that tells you not to purchase any service until you read their report. This is phoney-baloney organization, quite probably just dreamed up by the scammers at Butterfly. When you have signed up you will not get a P2P service, but simply a link to actual P2P downloading sites. There are a half dozens sites listed. Some, like Limewire you can get for free without going through these hucksters and some are legit sites that you have to purchase but can access, again without going through Butterfly. The rest are so virus laden that your AV program will go nuts as soon as you access them. The legit ones, like Limewire and Shareaza, won't let you connect at all. There is a standard, computer generated response to any request for support. It is always the same regardless of what the question is. I tried them because I am on a search for a very specific, hard to find item and the result was as noted. However, you can beat these clowns (and any other of these bandit sites) if you keep your phone nice and handy. The minute you realize that the item you just paid for is a sham, call your credit card provider and cancel all charges. The credit card providers don't want to lose you because, if you get bent out of shape, they may lose a customer and all the exhorbitant intrest charges they collect. They will make sure the transaction does not go through and, in many cases, will slap the firm on a watch list on your account. But don't it immediately. Don't think that just because you paid for the service that you are out of pocket. You do have options.
Powell Lucas

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