Monday, October 29, 2007

Legal Council

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: My lawyer and the lawyer representing the company in which I own shares.

I couldn't get my lawyer to do anything for me when I need him to, and now I have discovered that he has left the firm to take a different role. His assistant/secretary cannot seem to get my file together, as though it was a difficult task. Meanwhile, I cannot get things done in a timely manner, and it's costing me in many ways, including psychological. The lawyer representing the company in which I own shares is helping my partners get away with all kinds of crooked behaviour. I am losing out on what I deserve. And, I deserve better service.

How is this site/service going to help me?


  1. Sorry to hear about that. What's the name of your lawyer (or the company name)?

    One way this site can help you is when you share your lawyer's name/company here, chances are, people would see your story when they search for your lawyer in major search engines.

    In addition, our staffs constantly promote our site and stories in different channels (forums, social network site etc.). So your story will be heard by many.

    That way, we hope to help you get back at the company, and also help others from preventing receiving bad service again from the same company.

  2. Contact the Alberta Law Society