Monday, October 29, 2007

Mazda of Orangeville

Location: Ontario, Orangeville
Industry: Automotive

I was in contact with a salesman named Jay several times about a Mazda 6 for sale on autotrader at Mazda of Orangeville. When we talked to Jay, we asked many questions about the car including the usual as well as if there are any issues with it and he said there were none. This is the ad in question:

Today we called Jay in the late afternoon to confirm that the car was still there and he confirmed it was. He took our number down previously so he could contact us. On the way the way to the dealership we received another call from Jay to confirm we were coming. This was his 2nd opportunity to tell us that the car was already sold, but he did not tell us. When he got there he proceeded to show us a totally different Mazda 6. We asked about the one that we called him several times about and he began to pretend that he didn't know that it was sold. We drove 3 hours and 150km both ways to see this car. When he told us this we were obviously very angered, but kept our composure the entire time. He then told us that he would look for a different car to sell us but we asked why he didn't tell us in the first place to avoid having to drive this far and long for absolutely no reason. He told us that that Mazda 6 we originally came to see was "as is anyways". We asked what was wrong with it, he tells us that if we were to buy it certified and e-tested it would have cost us an extra $6,000. This was lie #2 because he told us that the car had nothing wrong with it and also that it was certified and e-tested and had a 5000km warranty. Jay lied through his teeth to lure us there in hopes we would buy a car.

Here is a highlight of the problems I encountered with Jay:
-Continuously lied about the availability of the vehicle
-Lied about the condition of the vehicle
-Lied about the car being e-tested
-Knowingly made us drive from Richmond Hill so he could try to sell us a different car
-Showed us a different Mazda 6 and at that point still didn't mention that the other car was sold. Did he think we wouldn't notice?
-Called us during our drive to check if we were on our way and still didn't mention that the car was sold


  1. Sounds like this guy knew you were interested in buying a car and even though one you wanted was already sold he figured if he could get you in the door you'd buy another one instead. Scammer sales tactic.

  2. Funny how that dealer was closed due to "shady" transactions!