Monday, January 14, 2008

Rogers Customer Service

Location: Alberta, Medicine Hat
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Rogers Wireless

Accepting Responsibility I would like to relate the following as a warning to those who expect some compassion or understanding from Rogers Wireless.

1 year ago my family moved from Nova Scotia to Alberta with our 7 young children & and a family friend who wanted to better herself. Arriving in Medicine Hat I decided as a family we needed to keep in contact and got a Rogers Family Plan with 4 cellphones. 1 for my wife, 1 for myself, 1 for the children & 1 for our friend with the understanding that all she was required to do was pay the bill. She lived with us, and my wife being the manager of a large national store gave her employment.

My first bill came to over $600 – the sales reps had given me unclear and inaccurate information concerning minutes on our plan, and after contacting Rogers they agreed, reducing the bill by $200 and putting us on a more appropriate plan.

I continued to pay the bills on a regular basis, receiving no money from our friend after repeated requests. For months this continued to the point where I eventually stopped paying her portion of the bill and contacted Rogers who told me that because the contract was in my wife's name we were responsible.

Eventually this friend's bill was $1400 calling Nova Scotia on a nightly basis. I informed Rogers on several occasions and refused to pay her bill. Eventually Rogers cut us off, even though I had paid the bills for the remaining family 3 phones & contacted Rogers explaining the situation.

The friend returned to Nova Scotia, Rogers sent me a letter stating they had bought out our remaining contract and we now owed $2800, and put it in the hands of a collection agency, just before Christmas 2008. My wife has an otherwise spotless credit history – to keep it that way I went and got a loan ( paying $3500) and paid this ludicrous bill.

I know and accept that ultimately with my wife's name on the contract we are ultimately reasonable, but Rogers could have shown a little compassion before Christmas time – they ensured my 7 children did not get what they wanted from Santa. I have this friend's cell-phone, her numbers, friends & family of her in Nova Scotia, would not be hard to prove in a small claims court, yet Rogers would not believe me nor were they interested.
I am now considering pursuing through small claims court.

Chris Ware


  1. It would be the friend you would want to pursue, not Rogers...

  2. Take back the cell phone?