Monday, December 24, 2007

Best Buy

Location: , Woodbridge
Industry: Technology
Company: Best Buy

i bought a garmin Nuvi 250 from bestbuy just few days ago when it was $250
Today i saw Dell canada selling it for $149.99
I called bestbuy and request for a price protection. At first the lady talked to me and tell me the product can't be price match because of number 1 beside of the price
(1 All prices exclude taxes and environmental advanced disposal surcharges where applicable. Prices subject to error. Promotional pricing is not combinable with any other offers or volume based or other discounts to which you may be entitled unless otherwise specifically advertised. Availability may be limited. Pre-loaded software does not include documentation and may differ from retail version. )

i explained to her that all the products on Dell website have that on the side of the price. and It's not a limited quantity.
She then tell me to hold the line and after 30 minutes coming back and asking who i am.
after talking to her again. She kinda remember about me asking for a price match.
She then said she is not the person who can make the decision and she did send a request form for me. I asked her so why she put me on hold for 30 mins if you are not the person who can make a decision and tell me it couldn't be match at the first place.
Then she lied to me that she never talked to me before and never saying something like that or make me wait on the line.
She then put me on hold for few more minutes and come back tell me they can't do the price protection because Dell will not ship the next day. (What the heck is going on with shipping the next day )

i then asked to speak with a manager and then she transfer me to someone and this girl just tell me that they will not price match because of the shipping time and tell me they explained it to me already and just hang up the phone.

I'm really pissed at how they treat their customer.

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