Friday, January 23, 2009

Bell Canada is the devil

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Bell Canada

So in the past 1.5-2 years bell has...

1) Stoped my unlimited internet without warning and charged me fees online (without sending bills) for 3-4 months without me noticing.

2) Took more money then they had permission to out of my bank account so many times I called my bank to cut them off. Then one year later they somehow managed to get back in to my bank account and take 3 months of internet charges without my permission. To do so they took my bundled services and split them into 2 bills ( I have TWO "ONE BILL" accounts), sending one to a email I've told them on numerous occasions I don't check and have told them to remove from my file. When I notice I call the bank to again cut them off and get my money back I didnt give them permission to take. When I do this they FINALLY send me an actual bill then 3 days later send me a letter saying I owe them NFS fees since I took my $$ back and cut them from my account. Then cut off my internet AFTER I called them explaining the situation.

3) Sent me a computer I didnt want or ask for and again took money from my bank account without my permission for this computer. Took MONTHS of phone calls to get this fixed. I had to carry each peice to the post office to send back to them (I have no car).

4) Took my roomates $600 cell phone bill and put it in my name again without my permission. I had NOTHING to do with his cell phone. After MANY calls to get this straightened out they tell me we can put his cell phone back in his name but the charges have to stay in your name. Then they procede to call my mother in another province telling her I owe them all this money (which actually my roomate owes them) and try to get $$ from her. I NEVER gave them ANY information about my mom.

5) Our internet is contantly running very slow, we pay for very high speed and when we call the problems are always with their lines and they do nothing about it. Just continue to overcharge us for highspeed internet they are not providing. After months of calling about this they finally send a new motem, which works a bit better, but not much.

6) Constantly overcharge me on my bills, which I have to call and spend hours on the phone getting fixed. CHECK YOUR BILLS!! they do this at least once every 3 months.

7) Everytime we have a issue we have to call at lesat 2 times to get it fixed. Each call is at least 1 hour, I've had some last up to 3+ hours.

There are probally more things I'm not remembering but guess how much conpensation bell has given me for all this hassel and HOURS and HOURS I've spent on the phone. NOTHING!! If they paid my min. wage for all the hours I spent on the phon with them I would be able to pay my bills with them and still have $$ left over.

I called to cancel last week and when the person I was talking to asked why I was leaving bell and I gave him only 2 of my many reasons, he just argeed and said those are some pretty good reasons and was the most helpful person I've ever talked to at bell.

So farewell bell, i'm hoping you don't fuck up my last bill too much. But we both know you can't let me go without a few more hours on the phone so I'll be talking to you for the last time soon.

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