Friday, April 30, 2010

Six nice reasons to use our services

Ok. We are not entirely sure whether people like our site. We think it's great. Some people may dislike it, some may be tired of it, some may think it's a brilliant idea (but never come back), some may think this is exactly what they need, some may like it, and some may like it a lot.

We have come up with six nice reasons to use our services:
  1. it's free (like ketchups at McDonald's)
  2. u appreciate good services even more
  3. it makes u healthy (by letting go ur anger)
  4. u help others
  5. u help yourself (as you help others)
  6. companies could learn a lesson (and improve)
We do hope you would try out our service, enjoy it and tell your friends, coworkers, parents, grandparents and their friends about us. And please help us improve by leaving us comments. We do look forward to your complaints =)

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