Monday, April 5, 2010

Worst Dining Experience Ever!

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Over Easy - 56 Yonge St. Hotel Victoria

I've been here a few times since I live in the area & at best it was average; but breakfast is breakfast and it's hard to screw up an egg. Or so I thought.

Egg shells in my eggs benedict, a rude manager & a waiter who ignored us. If the manager Kyle treats his staff as badly as his customers I understand why the food & the service is so bad. Condescending, to rude, to overtly insulting is this guys M.O. - typical spoiled kid who doesn't care because it was handed to him (apparently this is a family run business).

I have no family in the city, so I decided to treat myself to brunch for Easter. After biting into eggshells, Kyle was sarcastic, accused me of basically just trying to get a free meal - I had eaten 3 bites, literally, so how is that a meal exactly? I put the eggshells on my plate & pointed them out to my waiter when he finally came for the plate. I had considered ordering the soup instead but after the terrible service and insulting behaviour I just wanted to get out of there. After the eggs, & having a clear line of sight into the kitchen to see how the staff didn't seem to care about what they were serving, I just wanted to leave & go somewhere else. My salad - which I could not eat - was some leaves - nothing to make it a salad - with dried oregano in olive oil that they call a dressing.

After trying to resolve this issue politely I ended up paying $15 for coffee & a hot chocolate, being accused of being a thief (EVEN THOUGH I PAID $15 FOR COFFEE!) and getting out of there just before bursting into tears. So in the end, they are the thieves, literally - $15 for a cup of coffee. Happy F-ing Easter Over Easy!

UPDATE: I called the owner of this chain at the 208 Bloor St. location to tell him of my experience at one of his restaurants - which was very difficult amidst his constant interruptions. He prefers to listen to himself talk. After speaking with his staff (or relative, as the case is) his response was "We don't want customers like you." No problem Glenn(?), I'll never go back & I will tell this story for years anytime the subject of a breakfast in Toronto comes up.

I guess the lesson learned here is if there are eggshells in your food, just keep quiet and eat it. Better to have only bad food then to have bad food & abuse from hack restaurateurs.

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  1. What did you learn from that?
    Get a backbone, what you should have done was walk out, without paying! They were in the wrong!
    And crying, come on, embarrassing!!!!