Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yang's sushi bar (markham)

Location: Ontario, toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: The entire staff

mv md

It's 7:30pm, April 2 good Friday, me and 2 friends decided to try Yang's sushi bar on hwy 7 for the sake of convenience. It was our first time there because one of my friend was here for a visit from Latin Americas. Busy night, no one really spoke English but we didn't mind because it was just a casual dinning out. The waitress seated us and we ordered 10 dishes on the spot while waiting for 3 more friends to come in. I just wanted my friends(some are Canadian and some are from England) to have a good experience trying Japanese all you can eat and get a good impression on Markham . The waitress wasn't really informative and kind of rude but what do you expect on a Friday night right? Only 5 dishes came after 25 min and it wasn't that good. My other friends arrived at 8pm and we ordered 17 more dishes. After 8:30 only 3 more plates arrived and my friend was desperately waiting on the sea food because of the Catholic holiday code. We politely called over the waitress a few times because all the tables around us were getting tempura and everything while we waited more than an hour to receive 8 tiny plates of meat and sushi. The staff mostly brushed us off while the six of us sits there hungry and anxious because there is an 1.5 hour eating limit printed on the menu. My friend asked for clean water and the waitress was like "I don't know, try it".

I mean what kind of a response is that? I felt so embarrassed because my Spanish friend asked me if this a representation of Canadian service or just just Chinese community? I said maybe it's just the restaurant and the whole management tonight. Lucky they didn't kick us out but it was getting overwhelming after "2 hours" without much food while we placed at least 27 orders by now. They should have came over to apologize or check on us. But no, they didn't even care to bring over any napkins or forks on request and was extremely impatient with us when we pointed out that all the other tables are getting food and we had to wait 2 hours for a tempura.

The whole objective of "all you can eat" style is to serve up the food within reasonable time and allow the customers to indulge. It was a clear strategy to make you wait and then tell you time is up where you can't eat as much or even get full. We made plans to head else where after this and did not want to extend our eating time to 3 hours. My three friends that came in a bit late only shared a plate of scallop and cali roll (it's $24 per person .......same as Mandarin). We decided to leave and refuse to pay 6 heads because it was barely 2 of us who really ate or had any food in our stomach after 3 whooping hours (9:30pm). Being still partially hungry and completely disappointed, we remained cool and simply said we are only paying for 3 parties. The waitress was very rude and accused my friends for eating and was determined to charge us 6 heads. Just when things couldn't get any worst, all the food that we ordered came at once and overloaded our table which we refuse to touch at this point (no one's hunger can extend to three hours of wait). She accused us of wasting food which was not of my responsibility where they should have printed on the menu "warning, you do have to wait up to 3 hours" as part of the agreement. I'm sure they'll serve it to some other table because I use to work in a restaurant like that. I bluffed and told her I'm lawyer and I think this is absolutely unacceptable. She then went back and forth to talk to her manager and bickered with my friends some more. It was getting so ugly and all the other waiters were talking smack about us in Chinese. We wanted to speak to the manager but got declined with some stupid reason of her being too.

I didn't expect much from a restaurant like this but the people who run this place does not have a clue how Canadian business operates. We finally settled to pay $18 for 2 plates of tiny portion for 3 people(still ridiculous! ) and a $85 for 3 of us who ate. Did I mention they are not paying tax because I know how they run their business due to the cash or debt option on the menu. They had the audacity to charge us tips which was placed on the bill automatically. I refused to pay tips and only left the right amount. As I was walking out the door, the manager who was supposedly "too" busy suddenly ran after me like a mad person and grabbed me violently. My boyfriend told her to back off and she continued on to blab about her tip. We told her in plain English that we are not oblige to pay any tip if our service was dissatisfy according to the Canadian law. She called us stupid and continued to cuss in an uncivilized manner.I was so close to calling the police on her. My boyfriend finally dropped a few more dollars on her and told her in Spanish you "I don't even know how you qualify to run a restaurant and someone of authority will look into this."

Yeah.......long story but I have never ever experienced anything like this my entire life in Canada. I normally eat throughout Toronto or chains like Pickle Barrel, Moxie's, and the Keg. This wasn't cheap either but I seriously hope someone do something about this because it's so unfair for the costumers and it gives Markham such a bad name. I know they have plenty costumers and maybe they got treated differently, but please if you ever been there and got the same experience, post it!


  1. Markham for you

  2. You are to blame. They should have never even seated you if you are waiting for more people to come... especially for an AYCE place. But then you would have complained again for not being seated.

  3. Chinese service for you

  4. Shame on you for bringing your out of town visitors (tourists) to an All You Can Eat Japanese restaurant.

    The quality at an AYCE restaurant is not good enough for out of town guests.

    Sure, if you are going for a casual meal, AYCE is good enough. But for a gathering for out of town guests or a party (reunion)- go to a good or high quality restaurant.

    Across the street is Sushi on 7 AYCE and it probably would have been a better choice.

  5. To the above commenter
    How dare you give a reply like that!
    Who made you the God of where people should eat & what they should do? He has a right to complain about his treatment at AYCE without one eyed comments from the Peanut Gallery.

    Your the "it's all about image" type of person who would prefer not to shop at Target because you can buy the same garment in a name brand store up the street for 3 times the price.

    I feel sorry for you, poor conceited person.