Monday, September 20, 2010


Location: Ontario, Mississauga
Industry: Telecom

Well 3 yrs ago me and my girlfriend decided we wanted to get some new phones, we went over to bell since we were in the mall already. We seen these 2 phones that we had ta have HTC P4000.We setup everything and it was all good from there.... soo i thought phone then started to act up and connect to the internet by itself. I contact bell inform them of the situation and they tell me to bring the phone in for repairs.So i do , i get the phone back now for a few days and i receive a call phone call from client care stating that i have a balance right now of $3249.86 in data usage. I had spent countless hours on the phone with them stating of the situation of what was going on with my phone and that fact that i just sent it in for repairs for it connecting to the network after i would completely override the phone manually from it being able to connect. They stated that it wasnt there problem and that i was responsible for the balance at hand. At that point i specifically asked to speak with the highest authority available to express the complete and utter dislike in the service and response im getting from this company ..finally after another hour on HOLD ...i get a regional manager on the line explained the situation yet again and she explains that i will receive a FULL credit for the amount of the balance on $3249.86 and that they will have a new phone waiting for me at the closest Bell mobility to me. After all thatttt the following week my and my girlfriends phones are disconnected due to non payment for the balance of $3249.86 I contact them again and apparently they have no record of the call i made to discuss this and few months down the road i get a letter from a collection agency stating i am in collections for that amount. i still have not paid one penny 2 BELL ever since! And i will never ever go back with them they are CON-ARTIST'S !!!!!!

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