Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sears Repair... 46 Days and counting

Location: Ontario, Oshawa
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: The system

46 Days, 47 calls and 23 hrs and 10 mins on hold and here is the story:
June 10th Service tech shows up with wrong part
June 15th Service tech shows up with wrong part
2 more service calls cancelled because service tech sick
July 6th Tech shows up and takes washing machine, told to talk to store of purchase for a loaner.
July 7th Call from sears repair, our machine is top priority and we can expect it back Friday 8th or Saturday 9th of July.
July 9th Still waiting for part
July 11th Still waiting for part. We will not get loaner
July 11th Tube on back order. But we need outer tub OPPS
July 11th Annie email request for resolution
July 12th More emails sent by Roxie, Dean, Sue. I have now exhausted every phone number and office they could transfer me to. Grubrinda in Toronto even got involved
July 14th Asked for credit so I could purchase new machine. I have had major joint replacement and hubby is just home from hospital and I am washing everything by hand because we can't lug clothes to the Laundromat as recommended by some of the staff at sears.
July 15th Omar at National office sent an email. Got a call from John, starting repairs because they received the part...
July 17th Janet called, the tech would be out to repair the washer..opps we have the machine you say, will call you back! No call back
July 19th Sheila called, working on machine and will call tomorrow with delivery date.
July 20th Michel will be delivered by 4pm. No machine and no call.
July 21st Another call from sears wrong part was ordered...opps. Called 1.866.712.5008 Hey a new phone number I haven't tried. Thanks caller she wouldn't give name. On hold for 45 mins. This time no music..relief..Shirley Ext 3762 my last hope...she is sending an email..Now I am laughing so I wash my sears underpants and sears bra down to the last ones again....but at least I can dry them in my sears dryer as I look at my sear stove, fridge, freezer, 3 portable air conditioners, and then I can sit on my sears sofa, or recline in my sears recliners (3). Wait I need a pain pill, have to make it to my sears medicine cabinet, but I need to make it to the walker first...opps bought at sears..Hey I have discovered my sense of humour again...but darn I am not giving up...46 years as a sears customer..I am hanging in...I am to old to give up...Keep watching and I'll keep you updated. I am tempted to start a blog..maybe sears can teach me how


  1. thank you so much for such a nice and informative content on sears. I called for sears appliance repair service and they said they could get someone out same day. The technician called me to set a time showed up as scheduled and was able to repair my appliance. i really appreciate there effort and hard work!

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