Monday, October 3, 2011

TTC Customer Surveys - Tell them what you think !

TTC wants to hear from you !

TTC has launched a customer survey in order to better understand and improve the quality of our services.
Fill out the Customer Service Survey now!


  1. TTC SUCKS! Today I went to catch the 505 street car on Bay & Dundas at 5:04pm. I walked up to the car and Knocked on the door since the light was still red. The guy shakes his head at me and drives off! Like WTF!? The car that was beside and a couple of ladies that were riding their bikes waiting for the lights made the same comment "what the hell was that!?", "why didn't he let you on!?" and "that's just typical TTC, terrible customer service".

  2. Their drivers are a-holes because they are protected by their union. Had one threaten me and they swept the issue under the carpet even though the driver was CLEARLY in the WRONG. Glad I don't live in Toronto anymore, the TTC was part of my decision to leave!

  3. And oh, this same driver had weeks more left on the same route and drove passed me EVERY morning making me late for work for those same weeks. Good thing I didn't run in to him on the street, would have pounded the smug bastard's face in to the ground. IT'S NO WONDER THEY GET ASSAULTED!