Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Location: British Columbia, Langley
Industry: Technology
Company: Best Buy
Annoyed by: Girl working at the front-cashier

Went to BestBuy Langley to Pricematch (or PM) Z5500 that was selling at Dell today for $199. After it got approved by a manager in the computer dept., I went to the front checkout with the approval slip.

Big mistake! The b'tch working the cashier (good-looking actually), tried to deny my approved PM. Saying "We only PM from .CA websites, not .COM." I explained to her that it already got approved, and that if you order it from the website - it gets processed (forwards you) through the site. Appearently another manager (who she is consulting with) near the front counter is rejecting the PM. Anyways, she ended up calling the original person that approved the PM - and that guy ended up telling her just to PM it which she finally did - "Sorry for the hassle."

Now looking back at what happened, WTF!? Why try to deny something that's already been approved? What a friggen b'tch.

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