Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Government Offices!!

Location: Ontario, North York
Industry: Government
Company: Canadian Passport Office
Annoyed By: Government staff!!

I do believe this is a global issue, people who are employed by the government, such as passport offices or HR departments have the WORSE attitudes ever. It's always the first line sector/service sector that have these problems since they have to deal with us, the people who FEED them. I can't understand why the employees working at government offices are always so bitter, especially the ones in Canada! It's really frustrating when you want help and all they do is to hand you a paper and tell you to follow the instructions or that there's nothing they could do. If they made things less complicated, they'd probably reduce their workload as well as what they call, "stupid questions".

It is also hard for me to grasp why it is so DIFFICULT to apply for a canadian passport, we are seeking for convenience and efficiency in today's society...why is canada still sooo behind!
Canada really needs to focus on how to train people in the service sector! If you don't like your job, don't do it, don't be bitter just because you have to wake up to go to work. We all had to wake up just to put up with your attitude, which totally ruined the rest of the day.
This lady today was not mean or super rude, but one could just sense that she was bitter and unfriendly. She had no emotions or expression whatsoever. I just think it's really sad that canada's image get spoiled by these front line staff, they are the ones the public come in contact with first, and it just leaves people with a bad impression of the canadian government. *sigh*
Seriously, i refuse apply for a passport again! But the thing is, they know we are forced to go back, and that's why their service will never improve, since they truly believe we are the ones BEGGING them (yeah right!)...i wish someone could just slap them and let them know that at the end of the day, the public are the ones feeding these lazy bums!


  1. So she was not super mean or super rude, what is your problem exactly? You never actually say? Frankly, I recently had to deal with that office and was quite plesantly surprised with their efficiency and civility considering how many people they are trying to deal with.

  2. Seriously, all you have to do is read the instructions that come with your form. There's even a checklist on there so you have everything you need to submit your application. Let's see, fill out form (entirely), bring your ID and your birth certificate (or citizenship card). Doesn't sound too hard to me.

  3. actually, the checklist didn't start until recently. their previous checklist isn't that "complete", as right now, and yes i've had lost of bad experience with different government departments myself.
    personally, i feel for their workload, but sometimes it's not really an excuse for one's attitude problem.