Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Location: Other, Hong Kong
Industry: Telecom
Company: PCCW Mobile

Back in May, 07 my sis tried to do a simple cellphone termination. Instead, she got a 2 year contract. Of course, they said they have no record of termination but only found the new contract and there is nothing they can do to cancel the new one. When my sis called again in English rather than Chinese then they got rid of the new contract and terminated the phone. Odd but true. A month later she was billed and she called into "customer service" (they should really define this word properly!!!!) to clarify. Another month past and she was billed again. She called with a letter of complain on top. While thinking it is finally over and she got no more bills, she received a lawsuit from PCCW saying she owes them $150.40HKD. THE amazing telecommunication company, it took them exactly 7 months to fully terminate one little cellphone line.

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  1. yes..it took me ages to transfer a cell no. to my sis...YOU..they truly suck!!