Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pizza Hut annoys me

Location: Ontario, Kingston
Industry: Restaurant
Company: Pizza Hut

I'm nursing a bad hangover and decided pizza was the best cure. I called up Pizza Hut and tried to place an order. They informed me that I was out of their delivery area and that I need to call the other Pizza Hut. That was odd to me because the one I called is about 3 minutes down the road.

So I called the other Pizza Hut and they told me the same thing, that I was outside their delivery area and it was the other one that delivers to me (the original one I called). I told them that I was sent to them and that all I wanted was a pizza. They insisted I call back to the original one and place my order there. I vented a bit to the guy on the phone, then hung up.

I called back to the first one, told them what happened and they insisted once again that it was the other one that delviers to me. I became downright angry and told them that I didn't care who delivered to me, I wanted to place an order and they would either take it, or I would order my pizza from someplace else. The person on the phone told me to order from somewhere else then, because their computer wouldn't allow them to take my order (ever heard of a pen and paper??).

I asked for the manager and told her my story. She said she would take my order anyway, I told her to forget it. She offered my 10% off my bill plus a free second pizza. So I took it but told her that there's a good chance I'll never do business with Pizza Hut again, so they need to figure out their problems.

Anyway, just venting about stupid automated phone and computer systems that pizza places have these days.

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  1. I have the same problem because i am near the mississauga/brampton border. They did the same hting to me until finally the brampton location took my order. And the worst thing is my brother works at a pizza hut in guelph and i told him my story and he said I should complain to head office about it...but I never did after all that hassle...forget it.