Thursday, March 20, 2008

How many Bell Canada Customer service reps does it take to get it right?

Location: Ontario, N/A
Industry: Telecom
Company: Bell Canada

I called in Dec to have my credit card billing information updated because my credit card had expired so they needed the new expiration date on file to continue with automatic bill payments.

Two months later I realized that I wasn't seeing my phone bill on my credit card statement. So I called again, wrestled with their horrendous voice mail system until finally I got through to a live person. This customer service rep took my new credit card information and assured me that they would have my account updated and the outstanding balance billed to the card.

Three weeks later I get a phone call from Bell Canada asking me to pay an overdue balance... that was supposed to have been addressed in my phone call to them three weeks ago...which was to resolve their mistake from December!

I give up.

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