Sunday, June 29, 2008

Screwing Canadian iPhone Customers

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Telecom mv
Company: Rogers

The 3G iPhone was supposed to bring data to the masses, but leave it to Rogers/Fido to throw that idea out the window completely.

No Unlimited Data, No Flexible Voice Plan

The iPhone 3G comes with 4 plan. None of them include unlimited data, which is quite dissapointing. The premium plan, comes at $115 per month with a cap of 2GB and 800 minutes of voice. To the initial fee, you have to add $15 for the caller ID, $0.50 for 911 services and $6.95 of access fee. With taxes included, you’re going to pay almost $160 per month. More than $3000 at the end of the mandatory 3 years contract.

Message from

Everyone would like to say "NO THANKS" to Rogers/Fido for screwing our iPhone Canadian dream with poor data/voice plans. If you consider these plans not suitable, please sign this petition.

On July 11th 2008, we will send a printed copy of all these messages to Rogers HQ to demonstrate our indignation toward them. We would like to say "Thank You, You" for signing this petition and helping the iPhone cause in Canada.

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  1. If you Google False Advertising lawsuits in Canada and add in Rogers name, you will find that Rogers is being sued or they are considering a lawsuit, all pertaining to Rogers making claims about what they can offer to the customers with the new technology, and what dates they will have this available, blah blah blah...there is a statement from the company that they were purchasing the technology from who says "This is NOT available in Canada", although Rogers has been advertising that they have it for sale! Go figure....oh wait, I guess I should have known something like this would happen, and it all makes sense to me now, because ROGERS SUCKS!