Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm sick and tired of Rogers

Location: Alberta, calgary
Industry: Telecom
Company: Rogers

I'm sick of Roger's hostage-like pricing plans.

What I don't understand is how Rogers is getting away with holding a monopoly in the Canadian market with the GSM/3G network. The only other player that was out there was Fido, which had a ton of potential, and as soon as Rogers saw Fido as a threat, they bought Fido out!.

I've recently decided that I will NOT be purchasing the iPhone with the Rogers/Fido network, as they cannot hold me hostage to their outrageous prices. I will wait until another carrier will come out, which should be next summer.

Not to mention the rediculous prices for the data plans, but Rogers has HORRIBLE customer service and they really need to do something about it

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  1. I hate roger,bad reception,no service,thief