Monday, October 6, 2008

Doba is pure Scam and Rip Off

Location: Other, Orem
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Deceptive Advertising

I signed up for free 7 day trial just so I can view their so called "Guaranteed Lowest Wholesale Prices". On day two they billed me $199 for a whole year subscription, after viewing most of the items I was interested in, I found that nothing they offer is wholesale. Anything can be bought online and off line for much less than what advertised. They also do not stock anything they advertise. When Doba is out of stock, so is the supplier that they rely on to ship you that product, such as

So I called to cancel my membership on the third day of the free trial, they declined to cancel the membership and offer me a refund. I also called my credit card company to report them and block all future charges and to file a chargeback against Doba.

A couple days go by and they call me again to upgrade my membership! I told them NO and to cancel my membership immediately! They said it's not possible and no refund will be issued. I get one last and final call about upgrading my membership and again told them NO and to stop calling. The BBB is absolutely no help whatsoever even though they have many complaints on file with Doba.

The people at Doba are nothing but a bunch of liars, and thieves saying that I agreed to their one year membership and that no refunds will be issued once signed up. Also stating that I was sent a policy via email and by phone. No one told me or sent me anything about no refund in any shape or form. They we're not to charge me until AFTER the free trial is up unless I call to cancel before the trial period.

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