Monday, September 29, 2008

Carrara Tile and Marble a dismal experience

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: everyone

I used Carrara 13 years ago and found them to be terrific, good service. I ordered tile at the end of August, and was told the order would arrive within the following week. I phoned after a week. No tile, they thought, but they weren't exactly sure. The woman who answered the phone wanted to know who helped me. Weeeelll...that was a hard one to answer since, ya know, I'm not really on first name terms with you folks, you know? And, gee, don't you keep track of your customer's orders and their names?? No such luck. I knew one person's name but another person who helped me, well, their name escaped me. My bad, I guess. I decided to wait, and waited, and waited, till last weekend, 4 weeks beyond when the tile was supposed to arrive. I called again. Same question, who helped you? This is getting beyond stupid. I was getting the feeling they had either lost the order, or didn't submit it, and they were covering .Well, let's be adults about this and admit our mistakes but don't keep stringing me along with these inane questions as though I need a special password (ie, someone's name) to actually get an answer. I described the order and left my name and number for a callback. They called. I got a bunch of excuses, 'I'm new here, I only work Saturdays', blah blah blah. The tile had actually arrived, no telling when, but no apology. I had planned to have them install it, but at this point, with their miserable track record, do you think I'm nuts? What a change from 13 years ago.

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