Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Do NOT SMILE at the camera"

Location: Ontario, Everywhere
Industry: Government
Annoyed By: Canadian Government

It's no new news that the people working for the Canadian government have a bad attitude. It's like you have to BEG for them to process your papers while you watch their unhappy, wrinkled faces. Well I'm sorry, but it's not my fault that you have been stuck in that chair for the past 7 years and will be for the rest of your life. And it's not my fault that you have SHORT working hours, good and stable income from the government with many holidays, no time pressure and that you get to be rude to your customers. Come on, we live in the modern international world- learn how to provide a service.

Not to mention that the immigration treat you like criminals each time you enter the country after traveling: "Where have you been? For how long? Why? Did you bring anything back with you" - of course I have to say I bought something back even if I didn't you !%)&!, or else you wouldn't believe it and just go through my luggage to tax me on my used stuff.

Then again, nothing beats the government's 'efficiency' in dealing with their daily task of paper work that they should be so skilled at. Did you know that it takes 94 just to renew your permanent residence card? 94 days. And guess what? That only starts counting from the day they start processing your application, because normally they are 2-3 months behind with their papers. (Hire more people would you, it's a big country!)So around 5 months, just to get the same card with a more recent picture on it.

And finally, what's with the 'You are not allowed to smile on the picture.' So the applicant is destined to look ugly on all their Canadian identities. It's not like I look like I've been stoned on a normal basis, so the picture wouldn't reflect reality anyway. This 'non-smiling' ideology flowing through the entire Canadian governmental services really shows how little they know about services.

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  1. God you're an idiot.

    I work for the Provincial Government and there is certain I.D you cannot smile for. It's not the worker being an ass. It's the rules. And by the sounds of it you're just jealous that YOU don't have a Government job. I worked my ass off to get the job I have. And no, nobody in MY office has a short work day. We work 7.25 hours like everybody else.

    Get a grip.