Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Avoid Yang's Kitchen Sushi Bar in Markham! Police involved!

Location: Markham, Ontario

Annoyed By: Yang's Kitchen mv

The below thread is one of the "life long" thread in RedFlagDeals.com back in 2007 and it is still under hot discussions !

Hey RFD,

I just had the worst dining experience at Yang's Kitchen Sushi Bar tonight, which is on the plaza in front of the Volvo dealership in Markham.

It wasn't about the food, but was the management/ownership in question (as well as customer service). Basically, we had a brief and civilized talk with the owner in regards of a mandatory service charge attached to the bill. While we agreed to the mandatory charge (as it was clearly noted in the menu), we didn't agree to the tip being added on top of the taxes. I gave her my reasoning, and she simply said that there was nothing she could do - as it was hardwired into the computer (as they've been doing the same thing for years, without complaints). I asked politely, if she could waive the 3 dollar difference between tip on subtotal, and tip on after taxes - by just not paying the three dollars. She rudely declined.

I realized that there wasn't a point in further arguments, and simply told her that I'd pay the three dollars, but would not be returning again (in a polite manner). She left at this point.

When we were digging up money from everyone.. she came back - looking to argue some more! WOW, so I told you that I was going to pay your stupid three dollars - you're going to argue with me and further piss me off? She repeats the same thing over and over - that this was hardwired in the system, and that I had gone overboard by calling them "cheats". I never had said they cheated their customers, but only said that it was "unethical". I tell her that I had no intentions of resisting the charge anymore and insisted that the argument should end - with us never returning again.

She calls us cheap, and then continues to stand there, waiting for the money. After a bit, I told her that we're still waiting for someone to come back, as they left midway throughout the dinner and didn't leave their money. She informs us that "we're lucky that she hasn't kicked us out of her restaurant, as tables are limited to 1.5 hours seating time, as specified in the menu". I flipped to the menu, and informed her that it was "dining time" that was limited to 1.5 hours - and we weren't dining, but paying the bill. I told her, if you're going to force us out of the restaurant - we'll leave, but we don't have enough money at the moment - and this is all you'll be getting from us. Basically, I told her "either you wait for the money, or take it as it is". A few employees come over to see what's happening, and the owner is talking smack about us (such as "our mothers not properly teaching us", and how "we were troublemakers"). This was all spoken in front of us, so that we could hear everything (deliberately, perhaps?).

So since the other person was taking awhile, I decide to foot the bill with my credit card and get the money from the person later.. They tell me that their machine is down - and that I'll have to run to the bank for money. The owner informs us that only I'm allowed to leave - and the rest will have to stay (because she said we were going to run with the bill unpaid - basically calling us thieves). I do this, and take a charge of $1.50 from the bank.. come back and pay them.

At this point, I proceed to take my receipt - and they told me that we had already received one. I asked them if they could print off another one, and they told me that they were not going to - in the rudest tone of voice. I insisted that I was going to take it, as I needed proof that I paid them. She starts yelling and swearing at me as I proceeded to the door.. and actually told one of her employees to chase after me (who informed me to "watch my back, and just give back the receipt"). I continued to insist that I was going to leave with my receipt simply because they were obligated to give me one after payment. I grabbed my girlfriend and walked out the door.

Doing that, she goes completely insane. She starts screaming off her lungs - and told me if I left - I would be committing theft (of a receipt?), and she would be calling the police. This was probably the only time I raised my voice, to which I responded by yelling back "Go ahead! Call the police, we'll see what they say about everything! Call them, but I'm leaving!".

She runs out the door, and literally jumps on me.. and tries to grab at the receipt from my hands. I proceed to put the receipt in my pocket, and she continues to assault me - by punching me, and continuing to grab the receipt.

I walk away from her, and everyone is pretty much at disbelief at her actions.. I try to leave, but she tells me that I'm not leaving until I give back the receipt. She tells us that "we shouldn't eat outside, if we can't afford to pay for it" - after we paid in full ($250.36)! Because we're being held against our will, I take my phone out, and start dialing 911 - but hung up, as I didn't want to block up the emergency lines and wanted to actually call the non-emergency.

We have more arguments, and she's still yelling her head off.

Police calls back, and I informed them of the situation. Two cops come over, gave the owners a lecture on assault and holding people against their wills and they end up (forcibly) surrendering the receipt to me. Police ask if I want to press charges, but I said no - simply that I didn't want a measly three dollars to escalate into criminal charges being laid - and the potential ruin of an entire restaurant. I simply told the police that I wanted the owners to understand the magnitude of their actions, and that it won't happen again (to other customers).

They never even said sorry!

That said, I will never return - and I'm sure none of the people who were with me today would as well. I'm posting this story here, so that you're aware of the people running that restaurant.

Summary Notes:

* Yangs Kitchen Sushi Bar (4261 Highway 7, in Markham)
* Charged a mandatory tip on top of taxes, rather than on the subtotal
* Heated argument, and owner decided to talk personal smack about us
* Smack includes things like "our mothers not teaching us well"
* Absolutely rude, when we were being reasonable
* Failed to provide us with a receipt after payment
* After taking the receipt, owner swears and yells at us
* Owner continues to chase us out the door for the receipt and assaults me
* Owner holds us against our wills until the receipt is returned in the cold (at night)
* I call the police, and everything is sorted
* Do not visit this restaurant.


  1. I will NEVER go to that place.

  2. I know you didn't want to make things worse but you should have pressed charges, then maybe the place would be gone and none of us would have to avoid it. What they did to you is disgusting, assaulting someone over a receipt is insane. I will certainly stay away from there.

  3. All this for three lousy dollars? What the fuck is wrong with you? You spent $250 what's three dollars more? You not only ruined your night out, but the night of other diners and the restaurant owners. I bet drama follows you like a shadow. You probably hit the ceiling when there's not enough milk for your morning bowl of Count Chocula! I guarantee your girlfriend has had enough of your childish, spoiled attitude and is seriously thinking of leaving you--probably cheating on you as I write. You're a spoiled little fuck! Grow the hell up!

  4. I will never go there, as well. Thanks for the heads up. Will tell everyone! Lousy businesses do not deserve customers!

  5. Sounds to me that you are just one cheap and annoying loser who bug about three dollars while already paid $250 for the diner. What a LOSER, if you can't afford the restaurant, then stay at home!!!!!!!!!

  6. you haters shutup. this has nothing to do with a measly "3 dollars", it's the PRINCIPLE.

  7. While I agree that you should have just sucked it up and paid the 3 bucks without saying anything, they went WAY over the line by refusing you a receipt and then attacking you to get the receipt back. The police took your side for a reason, they were in the wrong.

  8. Whoa - I just read that forum. How this restaurant is still around is beyond me. For those talking about it only being a "measly $3", I suggest looking into this place...EVERYONE has the same complaints. How appalling that with terrible service like that, they've instituted mandatory tips.

  9. I agree it's the principle of the thing.. and doesn't the other Anonymous comments sound that they're from the restaurant owners lol!


  10. I agree... I would have complained about a mandatory tip (while I am a firm believe in tipping, I tip based on SERVICE not on how much money I spend). And after it turned into a shouting match and assault, I don't think I'd have been able to stay as calm as you did. I definitely would have pressed charges. Kudos to you for keeping a cool head!

  11. @Rick HAHA you're probably correct on that one.
    @iHBS Thanks for the heads up on this restaurant, I will be sure to avoid such a disaster.

  12. something very similar happened to me and my bf at Yang's kitchen. We were kicked out and accused of loitering after dining for only 30 mins. I kid you not.

    After trying to convince the owners we were there for less than an hour, we were forced to leave and pay in full including tips. Not wanting to create more drama on their part, we sucked it up and paid their measly bucks. As we were walking out the door, the manager proceeded follow us and make himself clear about staying over the dining limit, then busted out his chinese "you think you're a gangster?" insult. Eat there if you want a retarded dining experience, because there's a very high chance you'll get one.

  13. true tat, i just wrote a complaint about this place too.......it's the worst shittiest garbage dump ever. They don't qualify to run restaurants in Canada